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Ứng dụng đổi tiền lớn nhất tại Singapore, với giao diện hiện đại dễ sử dụng và đầy đủ tính năng

Thách thức

Get4x is a global directory where money changers from cities all around the world list their cash exchange rates and business details to acquire new customers. Travellers using Get4x to search for and compare rates can save on conversion fees when they lock in a favourable rate through a currency booking.

Biz4x is the leading operating system for licensed money changers that helps them access live FX rates, manage their business, perform KYC compliance checks (AML, CFT and PEP), and grow their business by listing their Buy and Sell rates on Get4x.

Giải pháp

4xLabs is a fintech start-up headquartered in Singapore. The company develops cloud-based services addressing the needs of all players in the often overlooked cash exchange market.

For money changers, our one-stop suite of services, Biz4x, improves topline, by helping them acquire new business, optimize their price setting, and scale their business; as well as bottomline, by improving efficiency, managing cost of stock, and facilitating compliance risk management. Through Biz4x, money changers can list their business and cash exchange rates on a directory called Get4x to access new customers.

With Get4x, travellers can search for licensed money changers offering the best rates nearby for greater transparency, convenience, and security. Our tools improve the entire cash exchange industry by providing greater transparency and regulatory compliance.

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